OCIA Worships at Grant Chapel

Last Sunday several members of Oviedo Citizens in Action joined the Grant Chapel congregation for our Fifth Sunday community worship. We were blessed beyond measure to be taken by the hand throughout the morning by Sister Cynthia Smith, witness the Altar Call delivered by Reverend Rebecca Thompson, and receive the message presented by Reverend Phyllis Rose Brown. We were called to think about “What would we do…when we’ve done all that we can?” We were urged to stand for what was good and right, not to wait for others and follow them. Daniel, Ruth, and Deborah were used as examples for us to follow and the choir and music throughout the morning helped bring us closer to Him through our worship.

We were given the opportunity to introduce ourselves as guests and we invited and encouraged membership with OCIA in support of our mission. Reverend Brown has registered Grant Chapel for our Bowling Classic, and we look forward to seeing their team there. Revival services are planned at Grant Chapel August 17th and 18 at 6:30pm and Sunday the 21st at 10:00 am. OCIA gave Grant Chapel a love offering and for those who couldn't be there in person, we felt your spirit as we lifted you up in prayer.


Come join us for our next Fifth Sunday community worship on October 30th, location yet to be determined.